Sunny days & updates!

Sunny days & updates!

One of our 4 tier planters has found a happy home and customer in Chichester.  It looks great being planted up.  This item is so versatile, it fits wine bottles, plants, cutlery, for stationery, anything really and has a rustic country feel to it.

It looks great here though, happy it found a home!

You can find the rackss here:  4 Tier Rack

Though the weather is a little on and off at the moment, I am still hopeful that we will get our warm bouts back again and it's then time for picnics, it would be a shame to go through the Summer without one, don't you think?

With this in mind, why not use one of our Bashew crates which makes a very sturdy low slung table upside down (as shown below), or a tray the other way.  I have many other uses for it and it displays things beautifully.

You can also use our Itawuli Towel as a picnic blanket (shown below).  It is bath towel size, can used as such or it is dense enough to be taken out in the sunny weather and can be used like a sarong wrap to, very unisex, both colour styles.  I personally think it makes a great table cover, you don't find many items so versatile.  This is limited stock!

You can find the Itawuli Towels here:  Itawuli Towels


Let's not forget it is elderflower season.  Are you out there picking the delicate white heads?  There are so many recipes out there, so far we have made cordial, ice cream, liquors, ice bowls and also had an explosion.  The taste is divine of the cordial, but be careful with glass bottles and any left out, as they build up pressure and we had a thick glass bottle explode.  Though the children thought it cool there being this loud bang and mess everywhere, I realised that a word of warning might be appreciated.

Explosions aside, we have though enjoyed our cordials in the Babushkups in the sunshine laid out on the summer vintage trays, both of which you can find here:


Vintage Hand Painted Trays

Wishing you a warm and happy rest of the week, Justine at Eclectic Odds n Sods