Handmade items from all over the world, designed and made by outstanding artisans. You will find here a wealth of different items, from jewellery, storage, baskets, accessories, kitchenware, home wares.  Every item as unique as the person who made it, time, dedication and passion going in to each piece that has taken  perhaps hours to produce.  Slight imperfections are seen as unique stamps of the artisans character that will catch your eye and valued for the exclusiveness it gives.  

Many items are from less advantaged areas, communities trained up to have a valued skill in order to support their villages.  Potters magically sculpting a breathtaking bowl in Africa or putting together a storage tray out of local wood not found perhaps where you live.  Women in a small village in Sri Lanka are trained up to hand weave the most stunning silk scarves, each one different, the quality fit for a Queen.  Families in Bali are trained up to individually knot between each spiritual crystal to give you an exquisite piece of jewellery knowing that they can then look after their children at home rather than go to a factory.

British designers and craftsmen using their skills passed down through the generations.

And so much more...