Kids Fun

Cuddly, colourful & happy toys for children, many handmade in various countries around the world.

Why not buy Shoko the Monkey made in South Africa.  She is designed by a youngster whose picture you get to see on Shoko's label, giving a sense of personal connection between designer and purchaser, knowing that you are supporting an artisan in a less advantaged area.

Or perhaps you would like to send the card that keeps on giving, using re-cycled paper which has plant seeds woven in to the paper fabric of the card.  The card can then be planted, growing a flower or herb as a gift and memory of your kind gesture and love.

Perhaps you want something functional.  We have colourful handmade totes from Thailand, designed for youngsters, chuck everything in to one area, keep it simple and off you go, no fuss and less time getting out of the house.

Eating noodles or tricky tasty Thai meals can be a mission for youngsters.  We have the solution.  Fun chopsticks with plastic ends to pop on top, keeping the sticks attached, making it easier and far more fun to eat.

It seems children love bananas, anything banana related, perhaps that is because they are cheeky little monkeys.  We have banana popsicles, freeze your favourite smoothie or juice into the banana shaped container and bingo have your favourite banana shaped treat the next day.

One of our most popular items are the monkeys in bananas, yes I said bananas again.  Or the bunnies in carrots.  Handmade from Thailand.  Small gifts full of fun.  Buy a few and name them, having your friends over to play make up games with them or take them shopping or to bed and read them a story, zip them up when it is night night time!

The collection grows slowly as more fun pieces are found.