About Us

What you will find on Eclectic Odds n Sods, is an on-line resource providing products sourced from near and far, some home-made, some vintage, some new.  All however have been carefully hand-picked to provide you with an eclectic mix of items upon which to build your own artistic stamp on your home or to wear to represent the essence of who you are or what you stand for.

There is a large section of hand-made items that are sourced from artisans across the world who live and work in less favourable conditions than those in the Western World.  Being able to source these products that are made with skill and love, helps us as a company support these artisans with a source of revenue to help support themselves and their families.  

In turn it enables us to bring you quality products made with real heart and soul.  You can easily find such products by putting 'hand-made' in the search tab or looking in the hand-made collection.  We also source and supply British hand-made products as well.

Many of the items are one off's, most in limited quantity.

Behind the scenes you will find a mother of two lively children, who also has two rather elderly cats and a snuffly French bulldog, and they all live in London.  

Having spent time between the countryside and London and being brought up by parents with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial skills, consisting of writing, antique restoring, furniture making, artists and so forth I have found that the love for finding interesting and exotic things runs deeply through my veins.  Having a passion for sourcing that special something that catches my eye, makes my heart beat faster and becomes a must have, now not just for me, but for you my valued customer as well.

I hope you enjoy exploring Eclectic Odds n Sods and I look forward to hearing from you, finding out how you enjoy the products you buy and taking part in this journey with me; please do follow Eclectic Odds n Sods either via the newsletter sign up or via social media for updates

Shipping currently is set to the UK, however if you are outside of this region I am happy to research shipping costs if you e-mail as per the postage rates page on the site.